In a Nutshell

The Video posted below has a message

The Psychological condition called Mass Formation is the driving force behind the hysterical reaction to the “Virus”

It is the same condition that lead to Stalin in Russia and Hitler in Germany

This phenomena starts in a population that is ripe for it (lonely disconnected ,lacking direction and meaning , full of general overbearing anxiety)… With 30% of the Population absolutely willing / indeed eager to believe and comply with the narrative…50% just go along to get along and not make waves… while ..20% decry / denounce the narrative as obviously false.

If this later population is disorganized and becomes demoralized and silenced…The Totalitarian Leaders who are riding the coat tails of Mass Formation Psychology will then turn their minions loose on those 20% and make them scapegoats and targets for extermination…which is what happened in Russia and Germany in the 30s and 40s

Therefore it is imperative that the 20% do not EVER stop fighting the madness and researching and bringing to light the reality of the situation and slowly therefore turn the 50% in the middle towards their view and understanding such that the MAJORITY eventually Opposes the insanity and the Mass Formation is BROKEN before it ends in genocide and other horrors .

The message is Keep up the narrative against this madness bring light to the darkness ..never stop doing and believing….do this as if YOUR life depends on it…BECAUSE IT DOES.

…………….THE GOOD NEWS………….

In my opinion we are strong ..we have connected ..see the mass pushback ALL OVER THE PLANET

The Totalitarians have over played their hands and the 50% are waking up ONE BY ONE and coming over to our side

And the reason is we have the Alt Internet sites and places like Goldtent where we can share knowledge from incredible brave Doctors Researchers Scientists Clergymen Truck Drivers Pilots Musicians Athletes Kids and on and on We are more and more aware and alert and stronger in numbers . This was NOT the case in Russia and Germany . People had no clue what was really going on and no way to find out.

The MSM and Big Tech started out as ALL Powerful AND AS ONE “CENTRALIZED” MEDIA VOICE and they had a profound effect on the masses and indeed CREATED this Mass Formation ( Hypnosis) Phenomenon by censoring any and all dissenting voices…but the backlash from OUR side and the quest for knowledge and truth has lead to the “DECENTRALIZED “Alternative Media and Social media sites as well as smaller groups like our community here at the Tent and on right down to local email groups which are growing exponentially in Influence while MSM followers are dwindling at a similar rate. Their influence is waning while ours is growing


Get Loud…Pass everything on…reject the rejection and keep at it.

Do it as if YOUR life depended on it . You really don’t have something BETTER to do !


The Psychologist who masterminded this presentation ends with

It doesn’t matter how big or small your audience is ( it can be around the kitchen table) …Continue to Speak Out. Each effort to shine the light accumulates and YOURS can make ALL the difference . How cool is that ?