Never EVER forget what these guys and gals did for the Cause ! It’s past time to Recall just what this meant to us ALL….I was crying with joy every day for that whole month ! Finally some recognition…pass it on


Jeff again

Substacker CatGirl Kulak, wrote a neat summary yesterday describing how the sub-arctic Canadian Trucker Convoy was, in fact, the most successful protest in history, and did not, as the authorities would have you believe, just fizzle out. Here’s how CatGirl put it:

The Freedom Convoy was the most wildly immediately successful protest in Canadian history, maybe WORLD history… all the actual action took place in 1 month, on the coldest days of the year, with a movement [whose] key members had to drive 4000-5000km (~3000 miles) along treacherous northern roads being greeted roadside by supporters who stood out in minus 40 to give them coffee food and support.


CatGirl pointed out that, within a week following the protests, the most onerous Canadian covid lockdowns were dropped, and within a month, most of the rest had been lifted. But that was just the start.

The Convoy triggered a massive shift in Canada’s national politics.

The Rally’s fallout quickly forced two leading pro-lockdown fake conservatives to resign. Jason Kenny, Alberta’s Premier, and Erin O’Toole, leader of Canada’s Conservative party both stepped down within weeks following the Convoy. After Kenny’s resignation, Alberta immediately canceled all lockdowns. The other provinces followed, one after another. O’Toole was replaced in party leadership by anti-lockdown, pro-Convoy rivals.

She also described a very colorful and sordid history of how Trudeau’s Emergencies Act declaration, the one he used to grab trucker bank accounts, died a lonely death after its first week, even though Trudeau wanted to extend it, after the Senate failed to ratify.

CatGirl summarized the post-Convoy success story like this:

Within 2-4 months all domestic restrictions were gone and within 8 months even the pantomime of international restrictions didn’t exist, Canada had fewer covid restrictions than the US.
If you’d like to be further encouraged, read CatGirl’s full Twitter post. Link.

This was at once the most logistically challenging protest in human history involving the volunteering of tens of millions of dollars of equipment, weeks of time, tens of thousands of people, across a continent…

And it might just have been the most successful individual protest in human history. The most successful violent revolutions have not achieved such total reversals in culture and policy across so many levels of government, in such few short months.


The same reason things like Brexit, the Yellow Vests in France, or Jan 6th, or the Dutch Farmers protest freaked out the elite so much.

The greatest possible threat to them is that the mass of the Suburban and rural Middle-class: Flyover country, the Petite Bourgeoise, the small business owners, the farmers, the truckers, the Kulaks… The greatest possible threat to the regime is that this mass will realize its incredible power both in coordination, logistics, and initiative… And that it will
overthrow the governing class of Bureaucrats, Regulators, Lawyers, DEI Administrators, and leaches who’ve gotten rich surviving of their tax cattle who actually work and produce things.

They HAVE to play off the Truckers as a failure… Trudeau had to declare victory then cave on every single individual policy…. because they can’t let people see what it was:

A premonition of the great Class War to come.