## Covid-Statistics-Ontario-april-15-2021.pdf (jccf.ca)

There are 1122 ICU beds in 84 hospitals in Ontario that are capable of invasive ventilation (see research link below). **

As of April 14, 2021 there were 642 ICU beds in use for Covid — assuming all are being used for invasive ventilation than Ontario COVID ICU is at 57% of capacity. ##

Ontario is using a PCR cycle rate of 38 — the CDC confirmed in January 2021 that PCR test cycles of 35-40 result in a false positive rate of over 97-99%. ##

CDC recommends a maximum PCR cycle test rate of 25.

Ontario statisticians are anticipating a rate of 10,000 case/day — estimated using the above PCR test cycles as the base so the math suggests the true positive rate should be 200 cases per day. ++

                  Calculation = 10,000/day  – (10,000 x .98 false positives = 9800) = 200 cases per day.

Only a small percentage of cases are ever admitted to hospital.

** Critical care capacity in Canada: results of a national cross-sectional study (biomedcentral.com)

++ Ontario’s latest COVID-19 modelling ‘catastrophic,’ doctor says (msn.com)


edit : Deaths are much lower this April than last April and also earlier this year.