Here is part of an email discussion with Ray from Away…a special kind of Goldtent Contributor .

It started when Ray shared with me that he feels James Corbett who is a analyst ( living in Japan ) with a large following in our Community may be “Controlled Opposition”

Corbett has been at the forefront of the camp saying Putin and Xi and Zelinsky are all under the Influence of “THEM”…the dreaded Schwabbeans ( aka THE BORG )…and therefore RESISTANCE is FUTILE !

I shared with him that while I appreciate Corbett’s intellect and research …I too have been uncomfortable with reading his work….so I have avoided it lately .


Sooo…Just now Ray sent me THIS piece and his short Comment

Mis information agent just as I thought.

So please read the article if this aspect of what we are all living interests you and then read my response to Ray

Are Russia and China in on the Great Reset? My Response to James Corbett

Matthew Ehret


“I share interview because the fallacy which Corbett was so quick to embrace and the many hundreds of thousands of followers believe unquestioningly to be true is tied to a deep cultural sickness of nihilism, pessimism and the belief that humanity is intrinsically corrupt and doomed. That level of cynicism is attractive partially because it alleviates each of us from having to take responsibility for righting injustices or risking our personal security in order to intervene upon an evil self-destructive system (for how could we make something Good which is evil by its very nature?)

This cynical way of thinking also appeals to our own tendency to wish to remain voyeurs watching and commenting upon reality as if each of us were not also integrated into the system which we were voyeuristically trying to watch as if it were reality TV.”


Ray if I was a tranny I would kiss you for this 🙂

This is something I have been searching for a long time

I am very concerned and Pissed off that so much of what we read from the Alt Sites is Gloom and doom and way overboard.

Fear Porn Cuts Both Ways !

Those of us who are critical thinkers and see through the Govt and media fear Porn are subject to believe the EVIL is UBIQUITOUS NARRATIVE …which is MORE fear Porn ! What a irony eh ?

I have been saying at the tent that IF the Evil is so ubiquitous that “THEY” diabolically control EVERYONE in Power and “THEY” are ALL working together then what is the Point to resist…we are fucked !

That kind of resignation is dangerous and also a depressing way to go through life…with NO Hope. it is too easy to join this line of thinking when we follow guys like James Corbett …who as you say is either Controlled Opposition OR a black Pilled Doom and Gloomer .

I admit I have been in a dour mood and depressed lately ( not my nature) from all the Doom and Gloom Nuclear War Stories

I am happy to have found some guys who explain the situation in a clear concise , no panic manner for the most part.

All this deep diving into rabbit Holes can be depleting and self defeating.

This Article is a breath of fresh air. I never heard of the guy but I just subscribed

This Substack idea is fantastic. So many great Analysts one can follow for free or for a ilttle more content 5 or 6 bucks a month

I am going to post this piece with this email thread attached as i think this is an important conversation for our Community

Thanks again Ray…

You are a Scholar and a Gentleman