Not your average chart.  Hospital admissions for all of the province of Ontario, Canada 2020 – black line. Below the yellow line is within normal range.  Light green line is the average for past years.  Yellow line is 1 standard deviation above the average.  1 standard deviation is the normal range for variability; it defines what is statistically normal –variation that could just be random, unimportant fluctuations.  Above the yellow line is significant and above the purple line, +2 sd is very unusual.

Since June, hospital admissions for the kinds of symptoms which are found in Covid-19 cases (real cases) have all been below +1 sd, so normal conditions.  In other words, nothing out of the ordinary and certainly no emergency.  The government of Ontario has just recently, Dec 21, announced a province wide lockdown which includes the sparsely populated, heavily forested northern area (most of the area, least of the population) because of fears of overwhelming the hospitals, something which only occurred in April and May.

Right now the government is just plain lying and this data shows it quite well.  The purpose of this chart was to watch for hospitals becoming overwhelmed by an influx of patients.  The chart is based entirely on what patients were admitted for and does not include PCR test “diagnoses”.  Covid-19 is indicated only in patients that show actual symptoms of such a disease; no asymptomatic nonsense.

Click on the link: to visit the interactive chart, it’s only for Ontario but allows for detailed views of each major health district.  They’re all pretty much the same: normal, despite what the authorities are saying.  It’s really unbelievable that this data is freely available and yet scarcely known.

A short 5 and a half minute video explaining more about this pandemic tracker on YouTube.

If you want to know more about their method of classifying “syndromes” and other things in the tracker, they have an easy to read and quite detailed manual:

ACES User Manual – ACES-User-Manual_v01032020.pdf