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If it all sounds crazy by the way you may want to revisit this short video presentation of Bill Gates and his proposal to the CIA and Military to vaccinate people in order to destroy the God Gene. Its also called the VMAT2 Gene and is is located in the prefrotal cortex, an area of the brain where our personality is known to reside.

Damaging that part of the brain apparently eliminates our interest in religion and spirituality. In this video, Bill describes how the program (code named FunVax) will put an end to religious fundamentalism in parts of the world where there is religious based terrorism. Other bloggers have already suggested that the point of the PCR test using a very long wooden swabbing stick that was inserted up peoples noses near the lower brain (before being twisted vigorously) was in fact a way to vaccinate that region.

I dont know of course but its interesting how Breggin has observed and concluded that the vaccines are effectively chemical lobotomizations of the general population. I think we need to seriously consider that this was the objective all along and the widespread death of vaccinees predicted by so many will not materialize. On the contrary, the world is generally being herded into obedience and submission through an attack on their minds and spirits.

Bill Gates proposal to CIA and Military to Lobotomize Religious Fanatics


Of course I had to reply :

Wow…That IS probably the Craziest Thing Yet

Gates is literally INSANE…He thinks he is GOD HIMSELF and that he can control the Sun and Religion and anything else he wants like Brain Function

I’m certain he and a lot of others in his circle will be taken down …probably by some random group who after having lost everything will “drone ” them

Has to happen at some point soon… just my observation…. as things deteriorate towards chaos all over the world…Gates is an easy target IMO .

Not condoning violence ..I’d rather see Convictions and Sentences
But this seems like a logical conclusion if you think about all the violence and civil unrest that has been unleashed directly because of these Insane Control Freak Cretins.