Long but worth it IMO

A Couple of Take Aways

A…Moderna and Pfizer claim their studies were massive and prove 90 to 95% “success rate

B…This is Massively Misleading IMHO ( There’s Lies Damn Lies and then there’s Statistics)

90% to 95% Sounds Great ..Sounds like If I take the Vaccine there is only a 5 to 10% chance I will get sick . Key Point though is in the details :

1…Out of the 30,000 vaccines given in Moderna’s Trials only 200 , (.7% ) of the people in the Vaccine group and Control Group reported symptoms.

Out of the 40,000 in Pfizer’s trials only 150 had positive PCR tests (.5%)

2….Yes of those who had symptoms 90 to 95% of them were in the Control Group….So that’s the Headline that is expected to HOOK YOU !

However when the statistical analysis is done
….The results are…out of every 167 in Moderna’s trials 1 person was prevented from having symptoms …the other 166 received no value because they would not have got the disease anyhow.

in Pfizer’s trials the number is 256 Vaccinated and one of them was prevented from having symptoms !

Meanwhile these trials showed a combined 20% group who had side effects .
Out of the 50,000 participants who were vaccinated , that amounts to 10,000 who were sickened with any or all of the Covid symptoms !

3….All of the participants were young and very healthy…no attempt was made to study the effects on older patients with compromised health nor even with young people with Auto Immune problems.
No attempt was made to see if the vaccine prevented Death among the Vulnerable!

4….No attempt was made to see if those vaccinated could still spread the disease if testing Positive vs those who were in the Control Group .

THE BIG QUESTION HERE…Why Do we need to be vaccinated from a Common Good Public Health Point of view if there is not attempt made to prevent spread…Why do we need vaccine passports to go somewhere or participate in public events when having a vaccine has NO predictability that you cannot spread the virus ? Surely this is a mistake . PASS IT ON.

5…Because the Trials were done at “Warp Speed” NO animal trials were done. In every past Corona Virus vaccine trial Animal trials were done and in every one of them most the animals died…because these vaccines cause an Enhanced response by the immune system to subsequent infections..This has NOT been remotely addressed in these present Vaccines.

In summary…the GOAL of these Vaccines is NOT to Prevent Death or Severe Disease Nor is the Goal to prevent the Spread of Disease…The Goal is to prevent / reduce Mild to Moderate symptoms ! Full Stop !

If you total up the 50,000 people who received 2 doses of one of these trial vaccines , about 1 in 200 would have had any benefit …So a total of 250 people who would have had symptoms did not..

Meanwhile 10,000 endured acute symptoms CAUSED by the Virus ( some very severe)

Put another way If you take the vaccine there is about a .5% chance it will benefit YOU and a 20% Chance it will make you acutely Ill. YES…You are 40 TIMES more likely to get sick from the Vaccine than you are to be protected from getting sick from the Virus

These are my own calculations ( not from the article) I just used the Numbers provided by the Two Drug Dealers 🙂

Putting this all in terms a Trader understands…These Vaccines are High Risk Low Reward….Like buying the Top of a Parabola 🙂

Feel free to check the Math…I am pretty sure it is correct.