Ha….Reposting this …I cant get over it

“This is about democracy and liberty and freedom”……. What’d you say Doug ?
“This is about democracy and liberty and freedom”……..No Freaking kidding meathead !

” I hate the Government telling anyone what to do “…..Wait…my hearing aid….come again ?
I hate the Government telling anyone what to do “…….Me Too Bro !

We’ve been ridiculing Doug here because up until yesterday he was 100% on Team Schwab / Trudeau

He was every bit a tyrant and every bit a lapdog to the ” Chief Medicine Man ” as is Trudeau

And it was really disappointing as he represents a party named “Conservative”….He’s been more like Faici than he has been like Desantis

But this little speech will go down in history as the end of the line speech for the Covid Narrative

And whatever the political motivation was ….they probably have solid internal polls telling Him

Time to lighten up Doug…there’s an election coming up

All of a sudden he is speaking to the Base….Remember he was a relatively unknown Toronto city counsellor while his Bigger Brother was Mayor…Rob was charismatic and a complete goofball but he was loved by many . They called it Ford Nation…and Ford Nation was a conservative crowd that supported Rob because he was pro business and pro fiscal responsibility. He had well publicised addictions and log stays in rehab but he was popular until hi death . Then all of a sudden his Brother Doug becomes Conservative Party leader and wins the Election…Then he turns and betrays Ford Nation…will he get them back now ?

Politics…You have to have some scumbag in you to want that job

Either he has been liberated by handlers an can tell the truth now or

He is just a Two faced Politician

BUT did he just tell Justin and Klaus to fuck off already ?

Or is this orchestrated for some reason…? Gotta admit it sounded sincere.

He probably just wants to go to the Cottage without all the drama anymore

One things for sure Credit the Trucks with speeding this up

Hey one more idea

He may have been ready to give this speech down the road but then truckers arrived and blocked of Commerce for a week..

He Couldn’t give this little speech with the Windsor Bridge shut Down by a Freedom Convoy

This is no fringe…this is Ford nation and others who simply want to be left the fuck alone especially by “Government”

But he sure did a 180…didn’t wait an extra day for this !

Does anyone think A deal was made on the bridge …Truckers disperse and Ford gets to claim victory then he gives this speech which completely Trashes the Vaccine narrative.

.Yikes He even showed respect to the True Pure Bloods ..”We all know…even I know someone who is not vaxxed..for the most part they are Hard Working People Who Just Don’t believe in it .Nobody should try to “force them” .

Thanks Doug…we needed that..


I think they made a deal…we will know when we watch the Documentary.

But Doug…You Left Your Buddy Trudy under the buss though 🙂