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He feels the Naiomi Wolfe Piece Released on her Substack today is a Bombshell Blockbuster

I told him it’s too long and asked if he could summarize .

Here is his summary .

She crosses the t’s and dots the i’s that China owns a substantial portion of Bio-Tech (whatever the name is) and Moderna and that it is the Moderna technology that Pfizer has licensed for their jabs. So China created COVID with Moderna as well as the “solution” to Covid via jabs (that will kill off most of the population over time. So when Biden buys $Billions of shots from Modena or Pfizer he is in fact sending $US funds directly to China as owners of the technology (which is contractually guaranteed).

A diffferent way is saying the above – China is using bio-warfare against the developed world such that WWIII started in 2020. They own ALL the technology and have infiltrated the USA to mandate use of a bio-weapon that over time will kill their enemy. All they have to do is give it time for the bioweapons to work and then walk in and take over.

It’s well written with full documentation on the ownership links and lays out the exact money trail.

A plan like this takes decades – so Obama, Clinton, Biden and DNC will be implicated. Whether treason can be proved depends on paperwork (Biden should be easiest with Hunter laptop).

As I said it’s a blockbuster…….

PS: if she didn’t provide all the data links it would not be as powerful as it is!

It’s VERY long too……

Here is the link to the piece…Note it starts out with a real life drama involving a bear …but stick with it and you will see her point. I had to join her substack ( free ) after reading 2/3rds of the piece to see the whole post .


Fully’s Comment

So The thesis in a nutshell…The Democrats Via the Deep State in Cahoots with the CHINESE COMMUNISTS …have unleashed a Bio weapon in the form of an engineered Virus PLUS Enhanced by an mRNA Spike Protein Vaccine kill shot …. AND The Chinese are Profiting from every shot as they have Royalty agreements with Murderna and Pfuckster …so we are paying them to kill us…

Now it’s Personal !!!