Rambus had a Great Wednesday Report Tonite

It was Short and Sweat ( pun intended)

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This post inspired me to revisit a period in time that I and many here participated in this PM Miner Market

This is the HUI Bull of 2000 to 2008

I had NO clue what a chart was back then and when I heard about TA eventually my first reaction was

More Bullshit !

But I soon got Religion ( see Near Death Experience) and have become a Rambus Chartology Disciple

Now after 5 gruelling bear years , Many of us in this PM TA Community believe we have just started a new HUI Bull. If so what is happening now >?

Well here is the 2000 – 2008 HUI Bull in all its Glory. We Rode this thing with our eyes wide shut and our minds wide shut too…didn’t have a clue what was happening. We only had the belief that The Monitary System was going to crash any day and PM Miners were going to go up forever. So we bought and held and bought the dips and held and went through all this and became genius traders so full of ourselves…just to lose it all in a flash .

New Players in the PM markets….. STUDY this Chart !…print it out and stick it on the ceiling above your bed with a spotlight on it…Old Players Too !

You want to get rich in this sector….? Have you got what it takes ?

(click 2X to enlarge…read from bottom left to top right)


Now back to the point !

Where are we right now.

My 2 cents…

1…This is 80% likely…Consolidation Pattern just began…we will see a bottom somewhere in here or another 10% down then a strong rally and then another horrific drop…where most of you will bail…then another rally and pause and then a new impulse move up. This Consolidation will take 6 to 12 months.


2…This is 20% likely…we just had a shakeout and are going to resume up almost right away.

What do YOU think ?



A…go fishing
B…trade the swings and nail them exactly
c…trade the swings and break even if I’m lucky
d…trade the swings and lose it all
e…to #$^&K with this..I’m taking my chips to another casino
f Throw Up


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