This is stunning .

Background : pedro has introduced us to one of his go to guys for political content.

He has told me many times this guy is the most savvy political commentator out there.

Now I believe it !

His name is Sundance and he has the website “Conservative Treehouse ” ..which was kicked off its long term platform ( ) because of it’s huge influence . It’s been reworked and is back.

Sit Down and pour a stiff one …and prepare to get a lesson in Dirty Politics 101…a lesson I would venture to say not 1 in 10 thousand will ever understand.

Hint :It’s all about Mitch McConnell that repulsive Kermit the Frog Look Alike

PS..come to think of it this is why Kermit endorses Biden as Prez Elect

If Trump remains and there is a 50 50 stalemate Kermit will be the Majority Leader again…and there is no “pay” in that position.