Here is the reason

Because he Understands it better than they !

Disclosure :

I was a Goldbug . I a full gold crown raving goldbug . Inflation was they only way forward ..HYPERINFLATION

On this very site we had a Great debate

Inflation vs Deflation

I was certain ! Deflationists were idiots

The Fed could beat it because they had a printing Press

For every 1 Deflationist there were 100 Inflationists…all with sound reasoning

We dismissed and scoffed at deflationists as being Idiots !

I was the head cheerleader here for Buy gold because Hyperinflation is coming !

Since I found TA vis Rambus I have changed my tune ..the charts are all showing the way !

When this site was a Goldbug bastion The Deflation argument came from the likes of Ferret and other Australian

Posters who were RIGHT after all. They are Long Gone but I wish to say it one more time . set match to the Deflationists ! Well Played Ferret

I know we still have lurkers from Australia and New Zealand. Their Goldtent gatherings down there are legendary

If you guys and gals are reading this …contact me at to get your ID restored and come on in to

collect your prize

Fully (former Hyperinflationist eating Crow …again)