Technical Article but the bottom line is This author has figured out how these intravascular growths are created…It’s inherent in the Message from the MRNA to keep producing and accumulating this shit


I do not want to be over-apocalyptic here (as I am wont to be). The human body is an amazing machine. And it has built into it all sorts of defensive capabilities which will successfully combat a lot of the damage done by these vaccines.

But these veins within veins are a demonstration that the vaccines are a gene hack. They are genetic rape. And every doctor or nurse who administers them is a genetic rapist. Actually, they are a genetic paedophile rapist knowing as they do that most people are too genetically or immunologically naive to give valid consent to have their genes compromised. And even those who are not so naive have not been given both sides of the argument with equal force or at all in many cases.

Sure not everybody who is raped gets pregnant. Sometimes the fake seed they implant does not take. But other times it does and DiedSuddenly shows us one possible result.