Hi Van.

I sold all but 10 rocks. KEPT All the Private Placements and 5 more ….the one you are asking about I sold.

Here’s my thinking. Each of us has his own perspective , Mine is still influenced by Rambus
and now Plunger. Know one knows for sure but , these 2 have a good track record imho
The long term stuff….Rambus is number 1.

We started the Rambus website in November 2011….just after the BIG Kahoona.
Of course the only people who knew Rambus work were Readers at The Original Goldtent which was the only place he posted charts.

Those Were the days My Friend..we thought they never end .
We’d sit and stack…… forever and a day.
We’d live a life of bliss…… we’d buy and NEVER miss
And we were RIGHT and sure to have our WAYYYYY !

Initially upon opening the site he was still bullish , that lasted about a month.
He emailed me after maybe 2 months and said PMs have likely topped. He was concerned that his bearish posts would piss off the members but he couldn’t sugar coat things. Turns out his calls attracted more goldbugs who were willing to listen after getting fleeced in 08.

I remembered why he contacted me …he wanted to warn of potential topping patterns.. I asked if I could post his warning charts at Goldtent to warn all the bugs there…He agreed even though we ran him off the board with his bear calls in 2008. and we all rode the titanic to the bottom. This time I figured some would want to hear the bear side. Well maybe only 10% of the readers and posters at the original Goldtent Posters Paradise site really accepted there could be another wipe out. Anyhow a handful of folks joined the new site and Dave Rambus got busy and this became his full time vocation.

I personally still was a maniacal gold bug when we started. I had 50 juniors. I knew each one personally.
I was a genius PM stock picker, I had the Midas touch.
I never sold a thing in the 2008 crash….I was convinced the bottom was in and it would be a V Bottom so why sell…I was down 75% from the peak. I was right …again ! a V Bottom and a 2 year rampage 2009 to 2011 I held all the way to the top…I was whole again plus another 30% on top of the previous top ! But There was NO top for Goldbugs …just more Up…after all THE CRETINS HAD LOST CONTROL .

I STARTED TO GET A FEELING I SHOULD LISTEN TO DAVE …So reluctantly I sold all my 50 PMs one day….I though long and hard about it for one weekend then Monday 9:30 stared to sell and finished by Noon.

It was like abandoning my kids. But it didn’t take long to be glad I did. I joined the Dark Side and decided to profit from the Cretins…If you can’t beat em join em…I even adopted a new moniker “Darth Trader” or ” Darth Traitor’ to the haters.

So what I am saying is I can’t discount Rambus Bearish breakdowns here because my experience has been He sees the Medium and long term picture highest probability and trades it that way and has got it right consistently.

Then there is Plunger…his calls ( no …he doesn’t make calls ) his “ideas” have been ridiculously right on. Call it a hot streak but I know its also a consistant thing as well. Since he learned Chartology to go with his fundamental and historical knowledge his trading has been so on it’s scary.

As we all know it all about probabilities .

Then I watch Surf City’s work and he searches for the all important intermediate bottom which is the best place to get positioned for the next move….and he sees it is still a little ways off.Surf is a cautious trader…one of the best at NOT over risking and a consistant winner as well.

Then there is Spock and I also appreciate his experience in the micro and junior explorer sector which he knows intimately. THIS tiny sub sector was THE most devastated sector and any company surviving the 90 to 95% drop in stock price and sitting on a good potential asset with a good management team and good balance sheet has almost certainly bottomed.

Spock started buying at those bottoms and continues to do so..I believe a portion of ones PM Porfolio should be in these things…..with the understanding you are in them until they go ballistic. May be this year , maybe next year, maybe next decade.

So Van…You have to decide how much of your PF you want in these and how much in cash or other PM ideas .

For me right now I am maybe 25% in 10 Rocks. Trying to play the 2X ETFs up and down with another portion.

Its not easy because if we get a rally here I will be tempted to buy another 10.

Having said all this I bet the guy who makes the most money in the next good gold run whenever it may come will be Spock. He really is a Vulcan. He can sit unattached to the daily noise …and that’s how the BIG MONEY IS MADE.

I am impressed with Spocks members , guys like you….most of them know this as well and they are riding the waves without too much sea sickness.

Good luck Van and keep both eyes on the ball…