Here is the definitive work on IVM

The Media is Silent But the Data Speaks: How Ivermectin, Not Vaccines, Saved India’s Largest State from Covid-19

We’re all living in Juan Chamie’s world now. Juan is an independent data analyst in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who does work for major corporate clients. A native Colombian, he heard about the efficacy of ivermectin in South America early in the pandemic, and began deep data dives into public health records across the globe. He created striking graphics showing covid cases and deaths dropping off the cliff in numerous regions, cities, and countries after introduction of IVM. Chamie has published his work widely and collaborated with Dr. Pierre Kory of the FLCCC Alliance, who says the data scientist is producing historic epidemiological analyses that have influenced doctors and saved lives worldwide. All Chamie’s work was taken down by Twitter. His new work, like today’s post on Uttar Pradesh, and classic work will find a new home here