The man who brought to understanding what has been happening to our world and how and why , has written THE book .

“Mass formation is the highest form of collectivism, a sense of mythical belonging that those fascinated by groups rather than individuals have routinely labeled “society,” “solidarity” or “democracy.”

“What one thinks does not matter; what counts is that people think it together. In this way, the masses come to accept even the most absurd ideas as true, or at least to act as if they were true.”

“If, at the same time, a “suggestive” story offers a strategy to deal with that object of anxiety, there is a real chance that all the free-flowing anxiety will attach itself to that object and there will be broad social support for the implementation of the strategy to control that object of anxiety […] The fight against the object of anxiety then becomes a mission, laden with pathos and group heroism.”

“In this fight all latent brewing frustration and aggression is taken out, especially on the group that refuses to go along with the story and the mass formation.”


“What effectively dispels the dream-like stance of mass formation is opposition. You have to speak up: “everyone who, in his own way, speaks out about the truth, contributes to the cure of the ailment that is totalitarianism.”

Unfortunately, speaking out also puts a target on your back: you may be obliged in some cosmic sense to speak up against untruth and madness, but are you therefore obliged to become a martyr? Luckily, Desmet also offers us the opposite route from speaking up: endure. It is okay also not to speak up because the most important thing is to survive until the totalitarian system has destroyed itself: a totalitarian system is self-destructive and “doesn’t have to be overcome so much as one must somehow survive until it destroys itself.”


James Corbett interviews Mattias Desmet ( Breaking Free From Mass Formation )