Is most of modern science a confidence game anymore? Or is it just background and stage props for a cast of really bad characters to launch an attack on all humanity?

Well, some science is certainly being exploited by a class of people we might call sociopaths, psychopaths and power brokers. I am referring to that cast of actors who are actively seeking control over much of humanity at this time. In some cases, these characters, dressed up in crispy clean Lab Coats are not so different than the robed Priests and Priestesses of another era.

They are merely the modern day version of the mystical Clergy of lore who took advantage of the difference between what is known and knowable in the real world and what is unknown to the average person. Its a trade and vocation for them in other words. They profit by working the margins between the two realms and managing the perceptions of their audience. Its psychic arbitrage and Spiritual manipulation.

But its really our ignorance of science that is being exploited.

The reason is that this class of power brokers and High Priests are notorious for leveraging their power and credibility out of things the public cannot generally see with the naked eye. Invisible stuff. Intangible stuff. microscopically small stuff or other impossible ideas like Black Holes and anti-matter that are so far away and hard to prove that they might as well be invisible.

Sometimes the things discussed do not even exist other than by assertive declarations of the High Priests themselves. This group of social manipulators are experts at understanding human emotions and vulnerabilities and knowing how to fill their needs and exploit their fears while extracting a fee for their specialized knowledge about the unknown and invisible.

Across the history of time they have leveraged all kinds of intangibles for their own purposes. For example, religion and faith, Gods, mysticism, ghosts, spirits, palm and card reading, Voodoo, the Occult, mysterious sicknesses, microscopic lifeforms, the far distant reaches of space, the unseen cosmos and fairly recently, the so-called God particle. Its all stuff normal people cannot easily prove or disprove.

Mystery subjects like these always form the broad base for the Temples of the High Priests.

Even more recently we have discovered their latest clever ruse which is the exploitation of viruses (which apparently do not even exist), of utilizing DNA, of Nano particles, of microscopic circuits, of radio waves and Electromagnetic frequencies and even the tests for all these props which no normal human can possibly even verify one way or another. The “Science” in this story is the combination of the people with the deep knowledge and access to the specialized equipment needed to see it combined with control over who is authorized to write and publish the narratives the science group wants the public to witness. The common denominator of course is that all the props are things you and I cannot confirm because they are so tiny or because they are actually invisible in the case of EM and RF.

Therefore much of the modern narrative of viruses which are reliant upon scientific manipulation and magicianship lives purely within our own imagination and is wholly reliant on our faith. Its only real because we believe its real.

Can you see the connection between all of the above?

In virtually every case you cannot prove or disprove what you are being told. But when trusted experts are saying something expert and saying it aloud (to widespread acclaim) then you become as helpless as a lamb trying to stop being sent to his own slaughter. The targets used as props must always be something that the average person cannot verify without access to extremely specialized and costly equipment or through extensive training or indoctrination in the field. Do you have access to a PCR reading machine in your house? No you don’t. Nobody does. So you will just have to believe what you are being told about the test results. Same thing with DNA. Can you test any of that? Can you even test your own? Not likely.

How about computer code? Is that like Alphabits the breakfast cereal? Can you pour a bowl full and eat by the spoon with milk? Of course not. Computer code is another of the mysteries we cannot easily work with or understand unless we are an actual coder. Even then, who among us can decode genetic viral sequences when the machine generated DNA strands come in the millions or billions of units? Or how about we have a deep talk about Neurons instead. We can handle that. At least neurons are something that’s real and we are pretty sure we got some.  Or do we?

So here we all are, many of us pure novices, brashly carrying out online discussions of blood sampling, D-dimers, narrowing capillaries and rouleaux formations like we are fresh faced PhD’s or something. Hey!….someone…bring me a cup of Capillaries and make it pronto! We need them for class study. Who forgot to package up the capillaries? Oh yes, mark that down as one more thing nobody can actually see to verify unless he is a Mortician or a Surgeon.

So why are we spending so much time talking about Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, Morgellons, Nano-Robots, mRNA, chemical formulations, graphene particulate, Lipids, MAC addresses, radiation, frequencies and so much more that is factually totally invisible to mortals. Faith based stuff in other words. We are playing right into the hands of the magician class in some respects.

We are talking their language but without knowing the real intention or plans of that crew. Those are the same people who have captured our minds with lies and more lies about a whole lot of things we do not really understand and for the most part cannot even prove even with the help of a decent microscope. They still have us discussing Pangolins and Bats at the same time we learn all virus theory is itself complete bullshit. That means nothing escaped! That means nothing was split or even inserted like so many atoms in a nuclear device.

We are talking in the realm of mysticism, of faith and about genuine unknowns. We are talking fraud too.

Has anything really changed since the days of Pharaohs when only the Priests were permitted to learn to read and write? Back then, Heiroglyphs were as inscrutible and magical to the untrained eyes of the labour castes as DNA is to us today. Nothing has changed. The game is the same. Only the stage props are new. And oh boy do we have a wild and woolly selection of technological props to contend with these days. Its really over the top if you ask my opinion.

See, that’s how we keep getting duped and conned by this type of personality. They are always the same ones standing behind the great frauds. The modus operandi is repeatable. They exploit the unknown and invisible then set themselves up as experts of that unknown and lull us into a state of complacency whereby we don’t notice their obvious machinations and manipulations. We just slowly learn to trust them over time to interpret complex information on our behalf and then we live with the results unchallenged. They are the self appointed experts after all. Who in hell are we?

Unfortunately those same self-appointed experts have learned that when they do not actually hold a genuine advantage in the field of knowledge they seek to leverage, that they must create novel facts straight out of thin air which they can subsequently be fully in control over. That’s how we got “Long Covid”, a completely manufactured idea that suits a narrative they want pushed. That’s also how we got “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS), another totally made-up reason to explain why people die anymore. Its there to cover up cold-blooded murder of course.

But we are getting so numb to the attacks we can barely even acknowledge it out loud.

Here is the point. If there is something complicated that you cannot personally verify, then you may be contending with something that can be used to control you and likely cost you a lot of money or even your freedom. In the old days it was clunky engine noises and rockers knocking. Only trained mechanics ever knew what in hell was happening under the hood. It could be nothing or it could cost you a months pay….depended on how much the mechanic hated you when you sauntered in his front door. My, how things have changed. Sure we are still getting cheated by auto mechanics and Voodoo engine practitioners. But this new crop of Priests from the school of Pharma are exceptionally dangerous and several levels removed from the confidence games of old.

Because they want much more than just our money.

They want to put us into slavery as well.

Then they want our lives, our children and even our living souls.

And that’s why this confidence game must end. We know what they are doing. Now we can stop it.