…The G3P controls global finance and the world’s economy. It sets world, national and local policy (via global governance) and then promotes those policies using the mainstream media (MSM) corporations, which are also “partners” within the G3P.

Often those policies are devised by the think tanks before being adopted by governments, which are also G3P partners.

Government is the process of transforming G3P global governance into hard policy, legislation and law.

Under our current model of Westphalian national sovereignty, the government of one nation cannot make legislation or law in another. However, through global governance, the G3P creates policy initiatives at the global level, which then cascade down to people in every nation. This typically occurs via an intermediary policy distributor, such as the IMF or IPCC, and national governments then enact the recommended policies.

The policy trajectory is set internationally by the authorised definition of problems and their prescribed solutions. Once the G3P enforces the consensus internationally, the policy framework is set. The G3P stakeholder partners then collaborate to ensure the desired policies are developed, implemented and enforced. This is the oft-quoted “international rules-based system.”

In this way, the G3P controls many nations at once without having to resort to legislation. This has the added advantage of making any legal challenge to the decisions made by the most senior partners in the G3P (it is an authoritarian hierarchy) extremely difficult.

The G3P has traditionally been referenced in the context of public health— specifically in United Nations documents, including documents from UN agencies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO)…

To help his readers better understand and visualize the global corporate-state fascism that’s been quietly constructed around the world’s people over the past century, Davis produced an extremely useful organizational chart – as follows: 

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