“To handle all that [pig-farm feces] waste, farmers in North Carolina use a standard practice called the lagoon and spray field system. They flush feces and urine from barns into open-air pits called lagoons, which turn the color of Pepto-Bismol when pink-colored bacteria colonize the waste. To keep the lagoons from overflowing, farmers spray liquid manure on their fields nearby. The result, says Steve Wing, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is this: ‘The eastern part of North Carolina is covered with shit’.” —National Geographic, 10/30/14

The above quote describes corporate pig farming around the world.

In order to carry out this operation, giant companies like Smithfield have influenced legislators and government-agency officials. Environmental laws and regulations are ignored, or changed. Lawsuits are fought, hammer and tongs.

Here is what Robert F Kennedy Jr. told radio interviewer, Rachel Lewis Hilburn on 6/3/16:

“…a hog produces ten times the amount of fecal waste by weight as a human being, so if you have a facility that has ten thousand hogs in it, it’s producing as much sewage as a city of a hundred thousand people. Smithfield has one plant in Utah—they call it Circle Four Farms—that has a million hogs on it, so it’s producing the same amount of waste as New York City every day.”

Here is Kennedy’s kicker:

“There’s no difference between hog waste and human waste in terms of its danger to human health. They [Smithfield and other giant corporate pig operations] ought to have to have a sewage treatment plant that cleans it up. And yet, if they had to build that sewage treatment plan, it would drive the price of hogs up so that they could no longer function in the marketplace… they ought to have to build sewage treatment facilities but nobody’s making them do that because they have used political clout…”



Wow this is epic information IMO

I remember way back in the early Covid days a naturopath of some note…Bill Sardi was posting at Lew Rockwell ( he subsequently passed away ) . His thesis was that The Illness started in Wuhan was shortly after a mass incineration of pig waste on the outskirts of that City which turned the air brown for a long time. Also he documented the Deadly Pandemic in 1918 started in a Fort in the USA which was also next to a huge Pig waste disposal site.

His thesis was the disease was no a Virus but a mycobacteria ( treatable with antibiotics)

WOW…I FOUND THIS IN THE ARCHIVES….I really suspected this was the answer back then…then we got sidetracked by so many things..but LOOK at this article…it just makes the most sense.


Personal disclosure…in nov 2019 whan I had the worst “Flu” ever and it was at it’s worst

I took self subscribed Amoxicillin …To Me this is a wonder drug…it works FAST and every time on abscessed teeth….It is the only thing i have used for almost 50 years and still works ( except of course for the allergic patients)

Anyhow I literally was better the next DAY

Of course Doctors are violently against giving “useless” antibiotics for “Viral” infectons…so they never considered trying this Miracle Drug for Covid

Then there is THIS from this incredible article

The BCG vaccine has been used for nearly 100 years in the battle against tuberculosis. BCG is thinned-out bovine (cattle) tuberculosis derived from the pathogen Mycobacterium bovis. It is also the only approved vaccination for TB in the world.

In summary …If its the PIG SHIT that started these “Epidemics”…then the disease is NOT viral but bacterial….and there is a safe effective vaccine and safe effective treatments !