As many here , who watch the death channel are aware ,

Case numbers ( positive tests) have been rising in many US states while death numbers have been falling.

The Main Stream Media Hysteria Departments have been gleefully reporting…I Told YOU So’s as states like Arizona and Texas and Florida and Georgia seem to be backtracking and seeing case growth. “See they opened up Too soon and it’s a disaster ” They deserve it !

Not a word mind you about the real bottom line that is most important… Death Numbers which are low and dropping .

Well here’s the deal :

1…Most of these states are earlier in their cycle than The North East States for example and they are now ramping up number of swab tests. Early on when there are not a lot of test kits to go around , the criteria for testing focus on the really sick …with serious symptoms….so numbers were low but deaths were high.

Now they are testing anyone with a sniffle or less. They are begging for people to be tested…because they have quotas to satisfy…so of course with more tests you find people with mild to no symptoms that you were not detecting earlier and these folks don’t die.

2…And….. this is incredible…it turns out many states are doing serology tests now and these antibody tests which show evidence of Past infection in people who are now over it have been added to the swab test results each day

Soooo. that’s another big reason the “New Case” results are escalating while hospitalizations and deaths are dropping…they are adding “past cases” as if they are New cases. !!

Apparently there has been a big stink about this in the Epidemiology Clique and they are denouncing this so some states are now going to report antibody tests separately …as they should ! Duh !

Whether this was done on purpose or by sheer stupidity is open for debate…but what is NOT debatable is that since many states have Opened for Business …some a month ago now… and since all these riots have been taking place every day for 2 weeks…deaths and hospitalizations have been falling fast all thru the country.

So whats that Spell ?

Lockdowns were Unnecessary

This is a virus ….like all viruses that works its evil deed on a bell curve…which you don’t flatten regardless of
what you do…it Ebbs and Flows and then diminishes…this is Obvious now.

So it is also obvious there should never again be lockdowns…even if there is a resurgence ( 2nd wave) as Fauci and friends are GAURANTEEING !

If they try that shot again it WILL be time to show those billions of guns y’all have down there IMHO.



This article below explains what is being done by this CDC fiasco but then goes on to misinterpret what it means .

They focus on the fact that the percent of positives when these 2 types of tests are added together is lower…which is correct ..but this is hardly important….what has always bee tracked is How Many new Positives for each day…is it increasing or flat or decreasing…this is the game !

What is important is that the actual case numbers reported for each day which seemed to be escalating are actually way over inflated !

If they really cared about true numbers they would go back and take out all the serology positives and get back to true numbers for each state for the past several days/ weeks….there would be NO spike in these states and therefore the MSM would need to shut the Fuck up about “Opening Too Soon ”

Personally I don’t think this was a mistake

The CDC obviously tells their members in each state how they want things reported and they purposely had them add “OLD” cases to the NEW Cases” category to make it seem things are getting worse.

Then…This article “spins” this dishonest practice as a negative for case counts when it actually is a huge positive.

The bullshit behind this thing is ubiquitous and pervasive and anyone with half a brain and a penchant for statistics can see it now.

What other bullshit have they been pulling all along ?

Hopefully I have played a small role in UNMASKING the Center for Disease “CONTROL” all they really control is the statistics !


PS: and By the way I think you can already see the results of the fact the CDC got caught red handed cheating in todays new case results which are down from the last few days and Most Importantly only 336 new deaths reported in the US…today…down from a peak of 2700 a short while ago.

Did anybody hear about this good news today on any MSM covid report ?