Looks like BOJO is listening to the “Demonstrators”

You would think a guy who lead his country away from the NWO would favor freedom over Lockdowns

He probably lost his base

This May have saved his Ass !



“A leading scientist who has met with Boris Johnson says the PM is now trying to control the spread of coronavirus rather than suppress it completely.

Professor Carl Heneghan, director of Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, believes the UK is moving towards the Swedish approach to dealing with COVID-19.”

Evidence-Based Medicine ? be still my heart…they are listening to Evidence-Based Medicine !!

This reads like Professor Heneghan may be the Dr Atlas of the UK !

He “met” with Johnson and came away with Sweden !

Lets check him out.

Meet the British equivalent of Dr. Atlas


Every day a new twist to this Covid saga…

MSN in Britain has Dr Henighen on !