The whole vaccine industrial complex is a towering lie. Monstrous, when you include the widespread and grotesque harm these injections cause.


Even if we assume (based on nothing) that, say, a whole host of viruses do exist and do cause illness, there is an insurmountable issue called “the adjuvant problem.”

All traditional vaccines contain adjuvants (e.g., aluminum compounds), which supposedly increase the immune system’s response to the vaccine, and make the rehearsal called vaccination highly effective at “preparing” the body for the real thing (the disease-causing germ) if and when it later comes along.

However, there is a fatal flaw in this argument.

There is no evidence showing the immune system is reacting to the virus in the vaccine and NOT the adjuvant. Researchers conveniently overlook this question.

Therefore, it’s quite possible the vaccine recipient is simply mounting an enhanced immune response to aluminum. And nothing else.