From the comment section ( we all have this to deal with )

I’m now fed up with these self-righteous mask-wearing vax-promoting assholes. I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s now to the point where our household is receiving e-mails from purported well-meaning friends (maybe I should make them “ex-friends?”) telling us that “I hope you will re-consider and get your vaccine”
Am to the point where I hope the long-term vaccine consequences start pouring in fast and furious, and they are left with their mouths hanging open wondering how the government could deceive them so.

Green Mountain Girl



GMG…That’s rough when “friends” hound you by email…Yikes !

I hope you remember to send them that message posted the other day .

Just tell them thanks for their concern but I have spent countless hours researching the pros and cons and have decided to stay a pure blood.

I respect your choice as well…as I am sure you too spent countless hours researching before you got the jabs.

Isn’t this a wonderful age where each of us has access to so much research to help us make important decisions ?

Anyhow if I come across some research that compels me to join you and get Vaxxed I’ll let you know.

Unfortunately if you come across some research compelling you to become a pureblood again…well …anyhow

The good news We are both happy and healthy now .


Fully Unvaxxed