Greetings from Chechnya!

After spending a few days in Derbent, I took a train north to Makhachkala. Then, for the past week, I joined an organized tour of Dagestan with three Russians who had never before been to this part of their country. We had a great time discovering some of the best of Dagestan together! Yesterday, I traveled further to the north and west, crossing from Dagestan into Chechnya, to the city of Grozny. Today, my exploration of the Caucasus region continued, with the manager of the hotel as a new friend, guide and chauffeur. Life is good!

This latest photo gallery is of my travels up along the northwest edge of Algeria and then west along the edge of the Mediterranean:

My experience in Ceuta, which included a trip across the Strait of Gibraltar and back, was told of in an earlier gallery.

Enjoy exploring the edges, but let’s not get too wild!


PS wild side: