Why are You here ?

I mean here at Goldtent ?

Some of you have been here ( at this url) for 12 years , from back when it was Goldbug Central all thru the Great Gold Bull of the 2000s .

Some have been starting to read here more recently because there are always those who become fascinated by the whole “Gold Story”.

You know ,the whole….

1..”End of the Financial System as we Know it is Imminent Theory” that every one of you believes in at some level ……….thing.

2.. Keynesians vs Austrians thingy.

3…The whole Powers that Be thing where Those who cannot be named , hate gold because it hinders their diabolical plans .

4….The Gold IS Manipulated all day every day group.

But You may be opening you mind to the fact even though we think Gold is the only honest money
It is ultimately just a good trading vehicle and fascinating to watch trough the eyes of “THOSE with CHARTS” !

Rambus likes to tell subscribers he is not a goldbug , but he watches the Gold Markets primarily because the Chartology tends to be the best and cleanest of all the markets , and the sector is small enough to get to know really well.

One thing we have going for us in this community is we have become gold traders via many different TA disciplines
We are fortunate enough to have posting here , Classical Edward’s and Magee Chartists , Elliot Wave Analysts (Amatures and Pros) , Cycles Experts , A Market Historian , Full Spectum Analysts ( like Jordan) who study FA as well as TA , Trend Analysts , And some who blend all of the above and more. Not to mention a Crazed Comedic Weed Analyst .

Its OK to believe the Gold Story. Personally I still believe some of it . But investing in that story can and has lead to financial ruin for those who jump into Gold without a plan.

Like a lot in this group I find having a little physical gold but actively trading paper gold via TA and an online trading account, works for me , while we are waiting for Armagolden to come.

I would like some of you battle tested veterans of this site to share your experience with us. There are still a lot of goldbugs and those who wont admit they are who have been fascinated by this story since 1975.

Good weekend project


For those without a voice who would like to join the club of posters and commenters….


with a brief bio of your TA and PM experience.