I was sitting here thinking …where has all the joy in life gone ?

Last year at this time I was blissfully ( if naively ) navigating through life
Contemplating a healthy happy retirement on the horizon and generally feeling happy and full of interest and excitement for the next chapter .

Then Boom here it came…FEAR PORN on every Channel

You all know the story so I will just summarize

The Left has hijacked all the media outlets and we have a 24/7 onslaught of Corona Fear Porn on EVERY channel ( Including Sports Channels )..”You will die a horrible death if you don’t do exactly as you are told”.

The Right has Reacted with it’s own Version of Fear Porn on all the Alt Channels and Sites

The version that says we are in the grip of a Suffocating Ubiquitous WorldWide Marxist Plan to take over our property mind body and spirits.

Jeez that’s even worse than the freaking Virus

First I swallowed the Blue Pill and went on that trip…then I swallowed the red pill and have been on that trip.

Now I find myself trying to slowly get back to the Joy of life again and leave the fear Porn out of the equation.

Then a song popped into my head..I have been “playing ” it all day.

I never really noticed this song much..it’s got a nice enough beat …but it never was a favorite..just something in the background ( years ago)..I never examined the words.

But here it is ‘Stuck” in my head…So I decided to DuckDuck it and wow.

The Song is “Stuck in the Middle With You” by Jerry Rafferty and a One Hit Wonder band

Great Tune actually

Here is what it is all about..Turns out it IS a very Political Song !


So here I am Stuck in the Middle With You all


Don’t worry I am not abandoning all we have been doing here to uncover the Demons

But I am going to detach more and more from the fear porn coming from the Right.

A Wise Voice Once Said “Fear is just YOU using your mind to create something you do not want”

Things always have a way of working out for the best …