I spent the first 6 decades of life living the dream.

Totally oblivious to anything even near the edges of the Matrix

I was always a rebellious personality but not extreme. Just enough to be a Curiosity and Attraction of many good friends over the years who seemed to like me 🙂

I imagine many of you in the Goldtent Community have similar backgrounds .

Now in my 7th decade I am finding myself addicted to knowing what’s down that rabbit hole.

But now and then it gets so disgusting that I need to back off .

I strongly believe though that if we Identify the “Problem” and shine a light on it so others can see it thats the work .

Then we need to focus on the solution.

We cannot solve the problem while remaining on the same level of the problem

We heed to identify solutions and indeed make the best of the situation to create something even better. But in the shorter term we need to weather the storm.

So we continue to uncover the layers of the onion realizing some of what we are learning is also not correct …so we need to be critical thinkers.

All the ramblings lead in to this Story. This is New to me…


seems like a nice warm and Fuzzy Name …seems like we need to know what this is.


update…I’m half way through and have to ask …IS IT JUST ME….OR IS THIS A HOLY FUCK MOMENT ?

So the War is Not Ukraine vs USSR ( On the ground its a civil war West Ukraine vs East Ukraine )

But the Economic War is USA vs Europe.And that’s the real War…USA wants to keep Germany and Europe under it’s “control”

And Europe didn’t even know they were under attack by their “Protector”…until now !

Shutting off Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany was Job 1 …ha !

sheesh to the nth degreee