There is ALWAYS the other side of the story…

A comment from a retired doctor regarding Dr Mikovitz’ work”Plandemic”

Dale Haggman
19 hours ago
Dr Galvin: Dr. Dale Haggman, DO responding to your You Tube 2 day discussion on “Pandemic”. I am a retired Cardiologist and have had plenty of time to read these past 2 years. So I decided to read Judy Mikovits, PHD’s book entitled Plague (2014). This describes the whole event of what happened surrounding her 2009 publication in Science. I would highly recommend everyone reading this (before judging her and saying she mixes lies in a polished way with truth) to get her side of the story which can’t be fully appreciated in a short interview. I will address only a few issues since you bring them upon your talk. 1) She did discover the association of the retrovirus XMRV viruses with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and was praised for the discovery initially and other scientists did in fact reproduce similar findings! However, she made the fatal mistake of mentioning on a broadcasted interview the possible contamination of vaccines and possible association with autism. This enraged the CDC and NIH and that’s when the hammer came down. You see, the government does not want scientists implying they may have been harming the public for years and so they funded their own research studies, which ultimately were negative. The reason you ask?? Because they did not follow the stringent criteria for defining a CFS patient. They took all comers with fatigue which as you know being a physician will lower the likelihood of producing similar results, and that is exactly what happened. (dirty science…ehh??) Well let’s move on……2) Her results were NOT contaminated. She describes the exact procedures she used and viral sequencing results which others failed to follow. I will leave it at that. Too much detail to mention but you can read it in the book. 3) She was jailed for “stolen” material…..ok, I have been a clinical investigator on previous clinical studies and know if you are funded by the government, your data is your own to keep. In fact, if you were fired from an Institution, you could work somewhere else and continue that same research with your data and same grant money. Judy was working for WPI (Whittemore Peterson Institute) in Nevada and after her “fatal” interview, the WPI grant money was in question. They now may not be funded for further research. Well Harvey Whittemore (who gave a “campaign contribution” to Judge Adams who presided over the case) drummed up “stolen data” charges saying the data belonged to him and WPI. He had her arrested without warrant, 5 days of jail time without a court hearing because the Judge pronounced a default sentence, which says she is guilty without a defense day in court!!! (Harvey was later arrested and spent 2 years in jailed for money fraud). See now the waters are getting even muddier….4) So you may ask…So what, who cares about her research anyway? Well as a doctor, you know about retroviruses and just in case you forgot, I will refresh your memory….RetroV have reverse transcriptase which allows the retroV to transcribe it’s own RNA into the host cell DNA and be permanent. She stated this was happening in the vaccine cultures with mouse tissue. You see mice and other animals are contaminated with COVID and retroV’s and what is occurring in the lab is a sort of Frankenvirus, where the retroV inserts itself into the vaccine virus making a new super virulent strain. These viruses become latent (or sleepy) in your B and T cells on the Immune system and activated at a later time. Hmmm…..let me see now, let’s get this straight…”Dr” Bill Gates wants mandatory vaccinations for all children and adults (in fact, they are in the process of making 7 billion COVID vaccines) and the rate of autism is increasing and projected to be 1:2 children by the year (as I recall) around 2030 (?). Anyways, her research is groundbreaking and for all of you who want to believe in the altruistic state of our government, I ask that you be a truth seeker and ask a lot of questions before being judgmental and not even reading her own book to obtain her side of the story.