Researchers at Johns Hopkins University conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of thousands of studies to determine whether or not there is empirical evidence to support the belief that “lockdowns” reduce COVID-19 mortality.

They concluded that such policies are “ill-founded” and should be “rejected.”

Curiouser and Curioser

John’s Hopkins was IN on the “Pandemic” ..They had their website ready …It was online immediately

Counting the cases and the deaths 24/7 365. They were Also in on Gates Dress Rehearsal in late 2019

Now they Publish a hit piece on all of the Measures that all failed to prevent any deaths ?


1…Are they doing this because the scam has essentially been revealed and documented in the Genocide Court Filing at the International Criminal Court. Not sure if this Court has any teeth but we shall see

2….Are they just being honest and doing important research ?

3….Have they Called of the great reset because of World Wide Populist Protests ?

4….Are they ready to sacrifice all the Health Czars and Dictators to install a new group

after this crop failed to deliver 100% Vaxxed ?

Anyhow…Lets pass this one around…it will open some eyes which are already starting to open…Open Wide !

The conclusions by the Johns Hopkins researchers are consistent with other studies of hard data from around the world showing the lockdowns and other severe mitigation measures didn’t stop the typical waxing and waning of a respiratory virus pandemic.

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