This guy is a World Class Statistician . He has done a DEEP DIVE into the Australian Public Health Reporting System and it is breathtakingly detailed. I don’t expect this is everyones cup of Tea . BUT Australia has the most detailed Death Reporting System and this guy has followed along as they realized it shows a MASSIVE INCREASE IN ALL CAUSE MORTALITY IN 2022 and their efforts to Hide this AFTER THE FACT . So this is hugely important work going forward as the “Statistics” are now being played with to hide the Increased Deaths so as NOT to have to investigate. This will go on the sidebar for refference and to have as a counter argument going forward . Substack is an incredible resource full of Brilliance. NOTHING…GETS BY TEAM TRUTH ON SUBSTACK !!!

ALSO..He details How in 2020 and 2021 “THEY” literally Killed the Elderly by withholding Antibiotics from those with Pneumonia . On a personal note ..this hit home with me …as in Nov 2019 I am sure I had pneumonia ( likely initiated by Covid …the original very pathological strain) ..I went to the hospital but the emerg ward was overflowing so I went to my office and took a full bottle of Amoxicillin home and started taking it…THE NEXT DAY…I was already feeling better !!!

This piece of work is simply amazing . A Chronicle of MASS MURDER …either Planned or by Incompetence on a massive scale . If and when we get Nuremburg 2 . This will be Exhibit A