There is an infinite amount of research and study and discussions much of it very technical and confusing around these Covid Vaccines.

However to understand how YOU ( the individual YOU ) would be impacted if you choose to be vaxxed is really quite simple math

1…This graph from Worldometer shows you that of all the people in the world presently with a “confirmed” PCR positive , .4% ( 4 out of 1000 ) have severe symptoms and are presumably Hospitalized

So Our immune systems are running at 99.6% success rate with absolutely NO vaccine assistance already.

That’s pretty freaking amazing is it not ? But Apparently for the WHO et al…that’s NOT good enough !

2…The Vaccines are said to provide 95% protection to you …So you will be 95% less likely to become Hospitalized should you get a positive test.

3…Taken at face value…lets do the math…

a…IF You get a positive test you already are 99.6% NOT going to be hospitalized.

b…Of the .4% you will virtually Not become one of them If the Vaccines are 95% guaranteed to keep you out of the hospital.

So IF you get Covid The reduction in you chances of being hospitalized are NOT 95% ( 950 out of 1000)…they are at best .4%

This means that out of 1000 people injected with an experimental drug only 4 “might” be prevented from being hospitalized.

So in that case the real Risk reduction is .4% Not 95 %

AND…as we now know NOT everyone will get Covid ( cross immunity etc) and 10% of the world population has already had it and recovered…so we need to move that decimal one place to the right to account for all this…ie…your risk from becoming positive is much less than 100%

Now …..04 % is your risk without the vaccine ( 4 in 10,000)

And the most one can benefit from the vaccine is 4 in 10,000

That is to say 9,996 people vaccinated out of 10,000 will get zero benefit anD take ALL the risks which include everything from a sore arm to instant death.

Lastly if you are Healthy and Young…the number is even much smaller than this

Still think It’s a good deal ?

Krispy Creme anyone ?

PS….The Fact that these are 95% successful in preventing hospitalization is pure BS !

The studies were boiled down to 170 Patients ( out of 30,000 ) ( Moderna)

95% of those FIRST 170 PATIENTS with Any Covid Symptoms were in the control group BUT NONE of them were hospitalized .

So NO study has shown reduced Hospitalizations…just reduced sniffles aches and pains headaches loss of taste etc.

The Hype for this thing is based on a LIE ! A Big Assed Lie !

99.6% of all people with positive tests have mild symptoms and recover

What else in your life works that well ?

It Boggles the mind that people are willing to play with their immune systems like this.

Also that the Trust The Gov’t and vaccine manufacturers .