2 shots in each snot hole and a swish in the mouth qid for 5 days

Gift your horse paste to a Horse

Here’s the latest and most reasonable Prophylactic and Cure for all Flu Like Illnesses


Do the research. What if…. it’s as simple as this ?

And why NOT ? duh !

Viruses enter thru the nose primarily…so….treat the nose stupid

Don’t inject a whole body to “prevent” a viral hypothetical infection when you can just shoot some viricidal up your nose ?

Why even take a pill which also ends up everywhere in the body when you can just NUKE the little beasties at the source !

Pills and Vitimins and The dreaded vaccines work INside the body…why not first focus on the pathway into the body and kill the beasties BEFORE they get in

duh..cummon man !

Joe Mercola

Here do the research.. there is even the obligatory hit piece…which proves it’s effective

Come to think of it Injecting something into your Muscle >>Bloodstream by puncturing the skin is more ignorant than we thought.

It’s like putting your Army Inside your Borders and waiting for the Trojan Horse to arrive..

Why Not be really Proactive and send Army to the Gates

I’m adding this to my CDQZ regimine

Shit…thanks to the Fauch and Friends we rare gonna live forever

HOLEY MOLARS…anyone got a Stock Symbol for this ? This is a winner…Appeals to Both Leftards and Right Thinkers ( Purebloods)

An Extra Layer of Protection for Mask Lovers …LOL

And a Viricidal where it’s needed..for the Pure Bloods

Maybe this will put Pfuckzer out of Business ?


Screw Mask mandates >..Have nasal squirt stations at the door of every indoor merchant

we already have Hand Sanistations

Think of it No Vaccines No masks No Mask Mafia …just up your nose with a rubber hose.

and YES Bring Your own Hose .