Jeff Childers has found the culprits…a 4 of them need to be tried convicted Drawn and Quartered


NTD News ran a story yesterday headlined “Inside the Secret Government Meeting on COVID-19 Natural Immunity.” It describes a “secret” (non-public) phone meeting in October, 2021. It’s a story about how the government fat-fingered one of the most important decisions of the pandemic.

They really couldn’t get ANYTHING right, could they?

HHS Director Vivek Murthy organized the call, which included Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, and four immunologists — at least three of whom you’ll instantly recognize: Paul Offit, the author of “Pandora’s Lab,” who should have known better, Michael Osterholm, Akiko Iwasaki, and chubby little Peter Hotez.

The call’s agenda was to query the immunologists over whether people with natural immunity (those already recovered from covid) should be exempt from vaccine mandates. The short version is that all of the scientists recommended shots for the naturally immune, ranging from one shot (Offit), two shots (Osterholm), and two docs who argued there should be no credit at all for natural immunity (Iwasaki and Hotez).

And as we know, the government then officially adopted the Hotez position, and before we could find our saddles the mandates were two laps around the racetrack.

Most of the NTD article focuses on how badly wrong the four dummkopf immunologists were on natural immunity versus vaccine immunity (if you can call it immunity), with the ultimate suggestion being that someone should take away their immunology driving licenses before anyone else gets hurt.

That’s all true, but I’d like to examine a couple less obvious implications. First of all, most people think Fauci, Walensky, and Murthy were brilliant scientists doing their own work, evaluating the research for themselves, and relying on ages and ages of dearly-purchased experience gained from sweaty labwork down in the trenches, way before getting richly-deserved top government jobs because they are the best of the best.

Um, no. They’re overpaid pencil pushers who copy other people’s work and shift the big decisions off onto germaphobic scientists and get all their talking points from allied, liberal non-governmental actors who are exempt from disclosure. This story sheds a lot of new light on whenever Fauci said stuff like, “the best science says that vaccine-induced immunity is superior to natural immunity.”

In truth, Fauci didn’t know jack. He was just talking about something somebody told him, and pretending like he knew it all. What a poseur.

The second implication, briefly touched on by NTD, is how the government actors surreptitiously shifted all these critical decisions into non-public settings, probably because they were too embarrassed to publicly show how little they really knew about their subjects. Sadly, as unelected agency employees, the bureaucrats had no obligation to conduct business in public. That’s a huge problem with the administrative state.

Third, and maybe most important, this shows how PUBLIC HEALTH deserves the highest blame for the many errors of the pandemic. Public health “experts” were whispering in the bureaucrats and officials’ ears the whole time, filling the officials’ heads with germaphobic twaddle, with predictably tragic results.

PHE defenders will attempt to argue that nobody knew anything for sure at the time. But I can’t possibly say it strongly enough or repeat this enough times: the public health establishment was wrong, wrong, wrong, but never — not one single time — admitted even a hint of ambiguity.

They were always SURE. They were POSITIVE. It WASN’T EVEN CLOSE. They never ever said, “probably,” or “as best we know at this time,” or “our best guess is.” They said don’t argue with science.

They only started dithering when people started dying from something that wasn’t covid. And NOW they’re baffled. Now everything is mysterious and murky. “Maybe it’s too many onions or something!“ Nope. They’re pretending to be confounded because otherwise they’ll have to admit they were wrong and that they crashed the world’s car when they weren’t even supposed to be driving.

Back in the good old days, when some traveling quack got half the town sick from fraudulent snake oil, they could be tarred and feathered, or run out of town on a rail (which if you look that up, appears to have been exquisitely uncomfortable, especially in the tender spots).

King Nebuchadnezzar knew how to deal with fakers. He promptly ordered his so-called “expert” wise men painfully vivisected after they couldn’t tell him what his dream was. Now don’t get hysterical, I’m not advocating violence. But it’s for their own good. These people must be held legally accountable at some point or they’ll never learn: Offit, Osterholm, Iwasaki, Hotez.

Seriously, these people shouldn’t be influencing ANYBODY. They need therapy.