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OK…I admit I have been lazy / reluctant to go down this rabbit hole BUT it’s Time

We all hear the usual suspects …but WHO really are these “Deep State” Characters and where did they come from and how did we get HERE.

I have been following a somewhat obscure Canadian Historian by the name of Mathew Ehret.

He is brilliant beyond any Historian ever encountered. His work is incredibly well researched .

He is a Savant in this area . Absolutely mindnumbingly brilliant in this area .

I have been following his recent series of essays which he releases about once a week entitled


This stuff is Incredible . It goes very deep into the beginnings of the Strangest group of people…naming names and giving profiles of all the Players…A dizzing array of historical characters from about the 1850s right up until the 1950s and beyond.

It appears that the Bottom line is that the British Intelligencia since that time and by extention the American Intelligencia and all of the Western Countries have been under the express control of a small group of Occultists / Pagan / New Age Types who may be indistinguishable from actual “Satan”

The names he exposes as some of the most nefarious and ugly humans ever to plague the planet are all here

Many are names we grew up with . Authors Scientists Researchers Actors and on and on.

Many of the names and stories behind these names are heretofore obscure . But the incredible story actually centers around names such as Nicola Tesla and Now in Part 11 (Eleven) which I am linking here The Incomperable Harry Houdini.

After reading this chapter if your interest is piqued you can go back and read the previous 10 installments

There are more to come

I have been sharing these essays with Parabolic Chuck and he is highly impressed as this corrobertes much of the research he has been doing on this topic ( The Occult ) for decades >

Bottom Line…our Controllers are some of the Strangest and Weirdest and Frankly Disgustingly Horrifying Characters ever to plague the Planet.

I can’t emphasize this enough however.This is the real deal IMO.

I have resisted this information until recently .

Now Matt Ehret Brings it all togther.

Final Bottom Line …These freaks and weirdos have been in control for a long time and by immersing yourselves in these works you will finally know who and how and why !!