The PCR Test Looks for what we all believe is THE VIRUS which has been “Proven” to be the cause of the disease known as Covid-19.

Ask anyone in the world what “They” are testing for when they stick that swab up your nose and this is what they would believe and what they understand. It’s The Most Germain Point to the Whole Covid Paradigm. It is the Absolute of Absolutes that the rest of the story must follow from.

A positive test means :

The Test “Identifies ” a specific piece of DNA Sequence ( Primer), which was “deemed” by a small group of scientists , very early on in the process ( Early Feb 2019) to be an absolutely UNIQUE part of a New Virus dubbed Sars CoV 2 .

The Assumption IS and HAS TO BE that this Absolutely UNIQUE sequence of DNA (that the test is designed to isolate through a series of amplifications) is Absolutely unique to and Only found within the genome of this New Corona Virus Sars CoV 2

But is this true ?

In this Jon Rappaport Interview ..the Interviewer reveals that this Absolutely Unique Strand of DNA actually is present in over 90 human chromosomes as well as in 90 different fungus and bacteria !

Let that sink in for a moment .

Here is the Interview. Very well explained . The “Virus” assumed to be the cause of Covid-19 has never yet been isolated . This makes that point easy to understand.

Thanks for the link Paul

These two men are BRILLIANT