Many of you may not be aware, so sharing this:

On Gab’s and Reddit’s wallstreetsilver pages people are SERIOUS about blasting off silver.

These are different than Reddit’s wallstreetbets- groups of people are branching off and creating their own majorly followed group pages now with the main goal of launching silver- There are 30,000+ members on Reddit’s silversqueeze page and growing daily).

Gab’s Wallstreetbets is up to 25,000 people and their main goal is to also blast off silver with Neonrevolt, Gab’s most respected member in my opinion, as the main cheerleader for silver launch:

People are putting everything they can in silver. Buying physical and PSLV. Pictures posted daily of new purchases. Lots of excitement. People are trying to pull off a Hunt Brother’s move. People are even going to take their stimulus checks and buy all the silver they can.

I’ve personally poured a bunch into physical and PSLV (I would recommend selling your SLV tomorrow and buying PSLV which we know actually puts the money they receive into physical silver- people speculate SLV may not…)

This is the moment and time for silver. This is the calm before the storm. It’s still early….


Silver lease rates, one of the last lines of defense shows the extreme tightness in the silver market.

Good videos to watch below perhaps at 1.5x-2x speed:

Great video with charts on the short squeeze-
Wallstreet Silver: Technical Analysis: Silver Squeeze Coming? How to Play it?:

He shows above how the logarithmic price target of the MAJOR cup and handle on silver, which Rambus has also shown, with the cup forming from the 1970’s top to the 2011 top and the handle forming lately is around $700ish silver!

His chart from the video:

Action not seen in decades. Good short video:
Silver Bullion 1,000 oz bar tightness and rising premiums:

So silver shortage is spreading to wholesale market. Worsening by the day.

What’s happening at the dealers? IT’S INSANE. This dealer “Can’t even get 1,000 oz bars till MARCH. Highest premiums he’s ever seen.” He believes “the comex is BRACING FOR A SQUEEZE” The #silversqueeze is happening! Gonna break soon. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN:

Highly respected Chris Vermeulen said on Friday that the silver squeeze HASN’T EVEN STARTED:

PSLV breakout and backtest(usually best time to buy):

First Majestic Silver’s multi-year breakout and Backtest:

There’s a bit of a war going on… the banks are fighting this.

This won’t be able to be stopped this time though…. why? Because the physical shortages developing and coming are too extreme… can fake the paper silver market like they have for decades but not the PHYSICAL MARKET WHICH IS BEING TARGETED and will BREAK THE PAPER MARKET!