Maybe its the legal weed but here’s an idea

Like. What real qualifications do our Country’s Leaders have to be running such a far reaching institution as Politics ?

Is there a present leader anywhere who would score the highest in examinations on topics such as Economics , Diplomacy , Military , Business , Negotiating ,Religions , Ethics and many others

This election Sh!T and party politics is clearly not working…probably because of the quality or lack thereof of the “leaders”

Leaders of the World !!

Let that sink in. These Putzes who are “leading” our countries because you get to choose one of 2 ( maybe 3 ) choices they give you.

Screw that already

Leaders in any other “Industry” get to be leaders in most part because they have studied their industry from the bottom up .

Leaders in Politics should be no different .

Have a few of the best schools start a post graduate program (PHD) in Political leadership.

3 years of training in everything and anything important to know before running a country !

(Teach ALL Legitimate Economic Theories in Economics Classes…Class debates the merits )

The President / Prime Minister / is not elected. He is the one who has the highest grades.

No more Parties for the old politicians. They are so over. No More Parties !

The country just drafts ( like a sports team drafting from the best of the best) in Political Leadership ..from a pool of say the top 10 grades in the program.

The campaign simply gives voters a choice after seeing candidate’s personality traits etc.

Top guy/gal in votes is….Prime Minister/ President ….next ones.. assigned a cabinet position based on their majors in The School of Politics.

Anything under a 90% Average and you don’t get a position in the government …but you may become a beaurocrat

Under 50% and you are ostrasized and will never get a job…anywhere 🙂

How would YOUR leader do if he took these exams in topics he needs to have to legitimately “lead” ?


Change the Team after 1 year ( like the student council)


If the “Team” does good they can groom their successors in the next class…If The Team screws up no one wants their endorsement.

Who supports this idea “Campaign to Chose the Best People in Our Societies to Politically Lead us. ?

Make em go to School


I know I know.

This is OFF the Charts