measuring covid has, over the course of this pandemic, been devilishly difficult. definitions vary widely, some places count far more inclusively than others, and nearly everyone has tested to the point of OCD exhaustion using oversensitive assays that have turned data to debacle.

covid deaths have become nearly uncountable in any meaningful sense and have been vastly exaggerated to great media and policy effect but to even greater epidemiological and public health detriment.

a bad map rapidly becomes worse than no map at all.

this is why we need to fall back on the tried and true tests and data that have not been adulterated by these manifold machinations and manipulations.

all cause mortality is that data. you died or you didn’t. it’s a binary that everyone measures the same way and it’s pretty hard to argue about. this final count contains all trade offs.

The Cat Man sums it all up

the true cautionary tale has been for policy makers who ran riot with global lives and livelihoods. they spent much and bought nothing.

the net harm of their policies represents the worst peacetime public policy blunder per unit time in human history.

i do not think this can even be argued anymore.

not even mao or stalin could do this much damage in 2 years.

let that one sink in.