Okay, a day off for the markets, so let’s talk COVID.  Here’s a thought I had this morning, and I haven’t seen this idea anywhere else, so take it for what it’s worth…

Here is the data as I understand it –

  • COVID originated in China (maybe, maybe not, but let’s say for the sake of an argument that it did)
  • China went into an immediate and extremely strict lockdown https://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/1257717/china-lockdown-how-long-was-china-lockdown-timeframe-wuhan
  • It caught the rest of the world unprepared and they reacted slowly (whether you buy into its severity or not)
  • Once the rest of the world did react, it was too late to contain the virus and it spread (again, whether you buy into its severity or not)
  • China, however fared very well (see the table below)

Okay, so let’s couple this data with a basic idea to use when you are investigating a story that seems confusing… follow the money.  What has happened to the world economy since the virus emerged?  Here’s a table I built that shows deaths per 1 million people, and GDP rate of change.


Total GDP Change
Deaths/1M Last Previous
China 3 11.5% -10.0%
UK 611 -20.4% -2.2%
USA 583 -31.7% -5.0%
France 471 -13.8% -5.9%
Canada 242 -11.5% -2.1%
Germany 112 -9.7% -2.0%
India 52 0.7% 0.9%
Hong Kong 13 -0.1% -5.3%
Japan 11 -7.8% -0.6%



So who has benefitted the most, economically speaking, since the world has been locked down?  China, with a GDP growth last quarter of +11.5%.  So here’s the thing, if you follow the money, maybe this was nothing more than economic warfare.  Maybe this is China’s way of a simple and easy, bloodless, free, economic global conquest.  Let the leading economic powerhouses shutdown their own economies for them.   If China has any influence in the WHO, IMF, or the World Bank, it makes it even easier.  Follow the money.  Thoughts?