Ivermectin as protection against adverse vaccine effects?

Brief technical paper cited

viperbear – Sun, Jun 27, 2021 – 01:08 PM

My son sent me the following re Ivermectin.

Found a layman’s description of how ivermectin works:

> How it works;

> First it docks to ace2 receptor sites so when sars-cov tries to use their spike proteins (the proteins the vaccines teach your body to produce via rna) to latch onto the ace2 receptor, it is completely blocked from doing so.

> Can’t latch on, can’t infect. Ivermectin literally docks itself to the spike protein and the receptor for that spike protein.

> But wait there’s more. ‘Ivermectin binds to glutamate-gated CHLORIDE channels in the membranes of invertebrate nerve and muscle cells causing INCREASED PERMEABILITY TO CHLORIDE IONS, resulting in cellular hyper-polarization followed by paralysis and cell deaths

> Not only does it get directly in between the sars-cov spike protein and the ace2 receptors it binds to (preventing further infection) but it also opens channels for chloride to enter cells and kill the viruses that way…like a disinfectant.


Sounds like it would also protect you from the spike proteins that the vaccine produces… but it won’t prevent the production of spike proteins.

Thanks Pieter