Many of you feel alienated and isolated because of your decision to NOT get a Covid Vaccination

Most of you have done the research and KNOW it is Unnecessary Unproven and Unsafe to say the Least

However in every day conversation it is likely you feel you are alone in this decision

Well…This Article Bemoans the “Fact That there are 1 BILLION Adults in the world who have decided ( emphatically) to NOT take the “jab”

The authors are so upset that only 68% of adults world wide have the sense to get the Vaxx and “Do Their Part” to get to heard immunity….BUT that falls short of the Scientific ( read Bullshit) dictum that at least 70% of the worlds population needs to be vaxxed to get to herd immunity

The authors of this piece of shit have NOTHING to say about natural Immunity…they are only Bull Headed about the magic 70%

We are all gonna die because we are 2% short….LOL

Anyhow if you are feeling alone take comfort that you are one in a BILLION with enough common sense to resist this Satanic Campaign to inject poisons into every arm in the world.

I freaking love this ! 🙂

I’m Moving to Kazakhstan 75% of adults are rejecting ! WOW LOOK AT THIS !