I think this is the most common perception of the current dollar pattern. The dollar building a pattern on top of a steel beam of support coming from the 1985 high to the 2002 high.

But what if the Dollar bulls have been duped? Sir Rambus taught about symmetry failure in chart patterns. Could this be applied to the dollar chart? I think it looks pretty solid.

These charts are space fillers


These charts show how time could be rhyming and also how gold performed during previous dollar declines.


This last chart is not a new invention, everybody has heard of the presidential cycle but sometimes visuals are more persuasive. It does show the uncanny knack of Dems running the dollar hot and then the Republicans come in and cool it down. It almost seems like the chart guarantees that Trump will get re-elected. Nothing is certain but it appears that a good run could be imminent. I just wonder if we get a scare the shit out of people correction or if corrections remain shallow and swift leaving the doubters at the station. I’m guessing we find out sooner than later.