Notice a THEME here ?

EVERYTHING Real Started a V Bottom move in January 2016 ( When Trump was just a Joke)) , and has generally moved UP without a Correction .

for a year now ( Can you spot THE Notable Exception ?)

This is really something ! These Charts are showing Gorgeous Breakouts and near breakouts. How do we explain this Epic Move afoot in real stuff which all started with an epic bottom and all at the SAME Moment !?
Jus scroll down and look at the bottoms ..all exactly the same time !!

And how do we explain the present disconnect in said notable exception ?

All these charts Inspired by Rambus Work. (Nobody that I have seen else has spotted this)…and I ask How Come ?

Steel Stocks

Copper Stocks

Coal Stocks

Lithium Stocks(Batteries)

Uranium Stocks

Base Metals Stocks

Pulp and Paper Stocks



Energy Stocks


Commodity Index

Gold Stocks