Sir Highroller…IMO…this CBD Oil is THE medicine we all need…..It is a cure for Cancer Arthritis Addiction Depression Panic Attacks and MUCH more.

Just get the purest formula from a reputable company and find your best dose .

Trial and error.

100mg in a gummy twice a day works for us up here.

There is science and reason behind this incredible compound which has NO Euphoric / Psychtropic effects at all.

For those that hate that kind of feeling ( never understood that but…)

Google knows.

That this compound has been illegal for so long is an immense crime against humanity.

This compound Cannabidiol (CBD) is only found in the cannabis plant…and people have gone to jail for a long time in “civilized” nations for craving it.

Well it turns out ….our cells crave it….So may personal stories have been shared with me by dental patients and family and friends….

Ironically its NOT the THC component that gives that feeling of warmth and well being…its the CBD.

I have heard of Doses like 1000 mg a day for curing a stage 4 cancer to 100 mg twice a day to make arthritis symptoms fade then disappear…to 30 mg a day for ….well….whatever Prozac does ( with side effects )

I Think….Cannabis Producers and Processors are going to be the NEW Pharma .

I mean….WHT IF folks find out that this stuff who’s only side effect is to make you Happier….works 10 better on killing pain than Oxys and Percs and all that crap.

What if they find out CBD oil is better than all those anti depressives/ anti psychotic type drugs.

What if they find it is better than poisoning you with Chemo.

What if it works as well as Snake Venim to lower blood pressure.

What IF Cannabis Companies become the greatest industry on the planet.

Finding new compounds and combinations of compounds in this incredible plant to target more specifically what ails you .

BUT…..We haven’t even begun to talk about what Hemp can do. Google knows. Hell they used to use hemp for manufacturing Cars !

And Now this weed is legal

Cannabis / Hemp

….finally legal in Canada…. is it coincidence that they boht begin with Can…

Anybody else got stories about this stuff ? Or I am I the first to discover it.

BUT You still cant Do This !


PS…going forward Big Pharma may be a good short when everybody gets wind of this