DAX is the ETF for German Stocks (EUROPEON UNION PROXY )

After Listening to Tom Luongo’s Epic Interview


( Thanks Plunger) ,

I think this chart is the one to watch. Luongo Goes into brilliant detail to explain why Europe as represented by the EU…is “Toast”

He calls the Globalists “Davos”

The War in Ukraine is Davos vs Putin …

Also he shows that the FED ( Powell) which is owned by Wall Street mega Banks and Brokerages is The Anti Davos now. Powell + Putin = The Death of Davos

His thesis is the USA will throw off the Davos Influence which they have gained thru the Biden Fiasco and Europe will be “Isolated” and Lost ( via the US Midterms) …especially when Russia Punishes them with Energy. He opines that the Eastern European Countries who are in NATO will abandon it’s Influence and align with Eurasia…leaving Schwab and the gang holding the bag and eventually hanging from lamposts.

Money will flow out of Europe ( Euro) and into the USA and therefore even though the Dollar will collapse against Eurasian ( Gold and Commodity Backed ) Currencies The Dollar Index ( which is the Anti Euro ) will rise….( with Gold)

The interview is 1.5 Hours and a MUST

FXE is the Euro ETF….LOOK

It looks like Luongo’s projection is well under way !

Link to the weekly chart. Bookmark this post and follow the FXE in real time…IF it Breaks Down we know Luongo’s Thesis is beaing Fruit and the Scwabbeans are Dead Meat



Monthly Euro Chart ( click to enlarge)