In less than twenty years America has been subject to two outrageous attacks by our own government against it’s citizens! First the conservative neocons precipitated and allowed 9/11 to occur and implement the infamous Patriot Act. Now the leftist, socialist, marxist wing of the SAME deep state have implemented the biggest non-crisis, crisis to bring about all sorts of leftist, socialist economic policies and limitations of basic rights and freedoms. Unless citizens and freedom seeking organizations bring multiple lawsuits in every state and jurisdiction to challenge the govenors and other officials for their lockdowns, mask edicts, and other bullshit restrictions, America will be lost forever. These suits need to be persued all the way to the Supreme Court. You can be sure a lot of people will forget about and go on with their business after the election because most of this nonsense will conveniently fade away. Either the leftists will have won a complete sweep of Congress and the Presidency (God help us) or else Trump will have held on. Even if President Trump is re-elected, it is imperative that these lawsuits play out. Precedent matters. If these abusive power grabs aren’t challenged and stopped they will occur ever more frequently whenever new spurious crises are trotted out to take more rights and freedoms away from the citizenry. Wake up America, this may be your last chance!