For Covid Junkies

2 hours jam packed with honest two way discussion

Vaccine Trial Problems

Remdisavir Failure


The War on Herd Immunity

The Great Barrington Declaration

Lockdowns Biden vs Trump

Scott Atlas explains Herd Immunity is as sound as Gravity

Measles !…Fascinating ( Natural Immunity lasts a lifetime but Vaccine immunity wears off )


Dr. Simone Gold Interview..FABULOUS ! ( STARTS AT 1:09 )…Must see !

“Everyone should have HCQ in their medicine cabinet”

She tells you how to get it ..right now ! ( and more importantly Why ! )



This comment was left after the video ended :

PandoraChaser: The natural herd immunity and cross reactive is well shown by the standard Farrs Law gompertz curve in every country. Less than 20% HIT rate needed and then it waned to nothing globally. We are naturally 60-80% immune from such cross reactivity. Its ALL OVER. Except by the nutters that want total control and a vaccine schedule for the rest of our lives, just to step out of our doors. They have flipped all known science from outset, committed medical fraud at every turn, used insane measures for control and are hell bent on moving this into climate lockdowns later, for depopulation to save a planet that needs no saving. They must all be locked up for life, for hung for their crimes.