The innate immune system is the first line of defense against any new pathogen that happens to get into the body. The innate immune system can be boosted with fresh air, sunlight (not lock-down in a room), exercise and a healthy diet, with added supplements. The supplements that I use are shown below. These supplements are available over the counter or online, without prescription. The total cost for these supplements is very low, maybe $10 per week all up.

After a week or so of innate immune system action, the adaptive immune system kicks into gear, and it develops anti-bodies to build up a natural immunity to the pathogen.

This is not rocket science. None of this information is put out by the mainstream organisations, who are responsible for promoting health in the community. The reason is, there is no $profit in it for them. Health is not their mandate now. It is $profit.

Generally western medical systems have failed with Covid-19. Tens of thousands have died unnecessarily from Covid-19. Plus 1000s more have or will die from the government imposed lock-downs and demolition of whole economies, and the unintended or intended human suffering and misery.

This is one big f&#kup by governments and politicians. They should all be held fully accountable and pay a price for what they have done.