For Opening my eyes to The Deep State and Global “Elite”

For a couple years and up to about 8 Months ago I was hoping somehow you would lose the Election and go away….I thought you were an idiot…Turns out I was the idiot …In hind sight I swallowed the wrong pill ( The MSM/BIG TECH STEROIDS ) and judged Your book By it’s Cover.

BUT I WOKE…. partly because the censorship was so blatant and partly because of the obvious power grab going on
and partly because of the good guys here at Goldtent who helped me see the light . Thanks Guys ( and Gals ) including the lurkers who send supportive emails and even the snowflakes who by their comments WOKE me even faster to know that in spite of all the information there are still and will always be , those who are blind deaf and dumb .

President Trump I am all in to support your Legal Challenge but whatever happens you have my highest respect for Rallying the Masses and giving them hope and NOW a voice to be reckoned with .

Your dedication and stamina were literally Superhuman and in contrast to you “opponent” it was even more so.

It was an Uplifting and Beautiful Sight to see all the Freedom Loving Hoards of Good Liberty Loving People come literally out of the closet and into the sunshine at your 100s of “Rallies”.

They said you should stay IN.. like Basement Joe The Schmo to protect yourself and your family and Others from this horrible disease…BUT you chose to get out there and touch The Masses.

You were not afraid to risk getting a dreaded disease ( which everyone knows kills old overweight 74 year olds )
if it meant you could touch the people and mobilize the base , bring them out from the fear and darkness imposed by the Marxists…Bring them out to celebrate Liberty with many like minded people…You connected people instead of “Distancing” Them…You and only YOU were the island Hope in a Sea of Despair .

To me it was an inspiration to watch how you dealt with IT when you got IT
You felt pretty rough for a day and a half…took some Vitamins and Pills…recovered the next day and started back to work almost immediately.

And while you were running around in airplanes and helicopters like a madman…You also found time to sign Peace accords between peoples who had been enemies and wanted to kill each other for decades. Something No other President ever came close to doing. And time to preside over swearing in Your Court Appointee in spite of Mass Protest.

I got goosebumps watching the rallies….Airports packed . Boat Parades . Flashmobs , 100 Mile Car Drive Byes

Your messages and performances were fantastic and fun to watch.

Chant’s of….”We love you” and “Four More Years” and “Lock Them Up “. …It really was an inspiration to watch these Love Ins …and your speeches were ad lib ,funny, Brilliantly Orchestrated and full of your Message …”I am NOT a Politician.”

It was thrilling to see all those happy ( if masked) people acting like they were at a Rock Concert.
We have seen NO happiness anywhere in the world on any Main Stream Media Outlet nor Big Teck Outlet
Certainly No Message and Visual of Freedom of Expression and Outpouring of Love
That’s the bottom line…that’s why They Love You.
No one who participated in this 100 City Blitz you organized or who participated in these organic flash love-ins
will ever forget it !
Partly because , if the Demons get their way we will never again have anything to celebrate nor even be allowed to show
positive emotions….unless THEY say So .

(shhhhh…don’t tell them they cannot kill spirit….shhh)

I think going forward there will be defectors all day every day from the Marxist team to the Freedom Team and NONE…ZERO the other way .

Trump will now be the patron saint of Liberty ..He’ll continue to inspire this “movement” to come out into the sunshine and screw the “Elites” …Find alternative Entertainment Sites and News Sites and Social Media Sites and Comedy as well as sports to follow but only if they are for FREEDOM and NOT against it , shop local and not Big Corp and build from the ground up a new Network …It’s already in place …see the sidebar link called Boycott MSM )

FINALLY THE PATRIOT / FREEDOM LOVERS are mobilized…finally they know there are scores of millions like them not just in the USA but in Countries Most Americans Never heard of as well.

Let them ban cash…each “red” county will print their own for local commerce…who needs their decaying valued “cash”

Red States will print their own currency and the Blue ones who wont will have pockets of Local (Red) communities who will.

Barter system will return !

Home Schooling Clubs ( one room schoolhouses ) will spring up everywhere…so people can remove their children from the Marxist educational system and participate in their child’s development instead of selling their souls to the devil .

Take your UBI and pool some of it with other like minded families hire a good motivated teacher and open your own one room Schoolhouse.


The Evil has exposed itself.

We shall see , but my distinct impression is ….

Let them party and dance on our parade for a day or two but..

This moment in time will be “Elite’s” Pinnacle.

Onward Pilgrims ( winedoc)