This Article makes the point I have been trying to make regarding the movie Plandemic and almost ALL other opinions which go against the Biggest “Public Health” / Big Pharma entities WHO RULE the world at the moment.

I first became aware of this when a reasonable video ( no matter what side of the argument you are on) regarding being ready to open the economy now…by two California Doctors…was deleted time and time again from You Tube . And also the fact that every one who dares to question the Party Line on this virus is subject to Terrible reviews on their Wikipedia Page….while every one on the “Good” side has a glowing tribute on their Wikipedia page.

We had a lively debate here this weekend on two of our posts and some great points were made for both sides…BUT at least we had a debate. If it is up to the Powers who control the big media outlets and You TUBE and Wilipedia etc…there would be NO debate…and they are trying with all their power to silence this discussion !

No matter which side of the story you believe you would of course agree…neither side should be CENSORED !

This article reserves judgement on the Dr. Judy Issues and does NOT pick sides…It is a very good read on the BLATANT CENSORSHIP ISSUE …


“I’m not going to go into if what she says is true or not. That’s not the point. The point that there is a digital Orwellian authoritarian fact-checker that’s going around the internet deleting information, and in many cases information that cannot be proved as being false. They are even removing content from scientists and doctors who are simply sharing their opinion, and also removing content that is backed up with credible sources and evidence if it threatens the official mainstream narrative.

YouTube has also recently announced that they will ban any content that contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) about the new coronavirus. Vimeo also took down a documentary exposing the corruption that exists within the WHO and the influence that pharmaceutical companies have within the organization.

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Should the people not have the ability to decide for themselves what is real and what is fake? Should they not be able to examine sources, evidence and information freely instead of having a “fact checker” telling them what is real and what is fake for them?

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